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I'm Coming Home - Ben Henretig & Rachel Rose
When Ben Henretig met Rachel Rose, it became their dream to sing together.  

Today we get to witness two beautiful beings unified in song. Ben and Rachel's live-take music video was filmed this year in the green and misty redwoods of northern CA.  

Their mystical journey offers us roots into an epic story heard from Ben's grandmother. It's about how long ago the grandmother met her husband and fell head over heels in love with him, and only months later he was shipped away overseas. Neither of them expected the deep wound of missing each other for an extended time.

But sometimes devotion can stretch beyond time and space, and in the case of Ben's grandparents, it did.  Their longing for one another survived years of separation and went on to cross oceans and live on until the time that they could unite in person again. Together finally, Ben's grandparents went on to create a beautiful family and sow the seeds of devotion for generations to come.  

Ben and Rachel sing this song in honor of his grandma's passing, and they speak to us of the other side, reminding us of the power of devotion, and how true love can triumph any challenge.

You are now invited to watch Ben Henretig and Rachel Rose's video celebrating love through a blanket of soulful folk harmonies. "I'm Coming Home" takes us on a journey of honoring the threads of connection that can bring true love across across oceans.  

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PS, if you're curious to learn more about these folks, look at Ben's TEDx talk on his recent film project in Bhutan and Rachel Rose's Awakening the Feminine Spirit

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