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I'm Coming Home - New Studio Track And Some Gunsmoke
In Gunsmoke, it was really easy to tell who the bad guy was... they wore black hats, usually. The lines were drawn clear. They are not so clear in my experience... I myself have worn the black hat with a white-hat heart and a white hat with a black-hat heart. So in this one song, I explore this feeling in me, in a story, that maybe I'll write a novel on, who knows, kinda a story like this:  A man longing for his home, his lover and simple life, yet knowing that the choices he has made in his journey away from that home leave only one option of transportation back to paradise .. that being, in a box. 


To celebrate my upcoming  Kerrville performance I pulled out another of the wills tracks that we have been so hard at work on for quiet awhile.

I have a grandfather that passed some time back, we called him Big Bill and he was a big man. As a child I remember a few substantial things about our relationship, one were the Oreos he kept in a cookie jar on the back of the toilet, the most perfect place for a little boy that loved Oreos and was sugar deprived by  a yogurt making lintel pushing mom.  The other thing makes me a little emotional even thinking of it now, that was gunsmoke. If I wanted to spend real tim with Big Bill, I had to watch his westerns while he sipped on his beers.. schlitz I think was the brand, which I remember at first, the westerns seemed too much like a drama for my taste but over time, I ended up choosing the westerns for time with Big Bill. I still love them greatly, though they really don't put out much like the old ones anymore.  This song, I have to think, was inspired mostly by my love of those shows and sitting on the bed watching the wide open plains drifters in endless with battles with evil.. and sometimes with the evil inside themselves. 

I love my Big Bill.. I hear though, that he wore a black hat also. But I knew him for his white hat heart. For You Bill. 

I wrote a slew of western story themed songs about 10 years ago when I was dating my now wife. They all have deep stories and plots behind them in my mind, in fact so much so, that I completed a novel based on one songs in this pack of tunes. Also a western themed novel. 

I have to say even with that story, there is another one.. during the time of writing this track I was exploring my good friends ancestor Bob Wills (and the Texas playboys) music.. and strangely enough, I would end up recording this one with the girl Leslie Wills ten years later. How perfect. 

 I had another one close for this month, but this one felt right so we went ahead and completed production with a wonderful relatively new friend of mine  on mandolin,  Lino Muoio  from Italy Napoli I think.. you can here that regional influence in this wonderful performance he landed on this track.

 Thank you so much Lino and Leslie  and Aaron Thomas!  you made it perfect. 

I love you guys.. I can't tell you how much you have helped make a career from not much options.