I'm designing something new and exciting!
At the ripe age of 16 years old I had come up with an idea that I thought would revolutionize the automobile industry, what if there was a way to build a continuously variable transmission and avoid using rubber or other weak materials as mechanical interfaces.  What If there was a way to do it with good ol' American gears and get positive engagement that wouldn't slip or wear out as the torque increased!

Anyways I ended up building my "invention" by welding together bunch of old pushrods that I cut up and assembled it with a couple of gear wrenches, some ready rod, a home made crank shaft, springs and brake cables from a bicycle.

At the time, I was really proud of my invention, and it actually did work, I had invented the world's first continuously variable transmission that used a positive engagement mechanism instead of belt or a fluid!

Or so I thought I did...

You see, the transmission that I thought I had "invented" had actually been patented as early as 1994, when I was just 2 years old.  It became obvious to me that I wasn't the first person to come up with this idea. Only after learning that, I realized why I haven't ever seen this type of transmission in use.

You see, the type of CVT that I'm referring to is called a ratcheting CVT, and it has one very distinct disadvantage, it vibrates. The vibrations are due to the nature of how a ratcheting CVT works, it converts rotational motion into linear motion, then the ratcheting mechanism's rectify that oscillating linear motion back into rotational motion. Changing the offset on the crankshaft, or changing the tangential radius (whaaaat?) of where the linkage connects to the ratchet clutch will change the final ratio. 

Anyways, I threw away the one that I built years ago, and I really want to make another version that I can 3D print and share on thingiverse, and I also plan to make a video about it, so there! 

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