So rather than simply continue one of the 4 other series I've started here in Patreon town, I've decided to up the ante and make one more. Furthermore, I've done so with a double feature as my first entry. 

Murderers' Row is a feature on character actors, the people who swing night and day in the margins of movies and rarely if ever get credit for the incredible work they do. Now obviously there are going to be exceptions but I'm not going to choose people I love who have always been leading ladies, you know what I mean? No Isabelle Huppert, no Patrick Swayze, no Robert Mitchum, no Gemma Arterton. We're talkin people who had to fight for a little spotlight, people in the corner of the frame.

Keith Carradine's a slightly offsides choice, what with his having an Oscar (though not specifically for acting, but we all know it was) and having played his fair share of leading roles. But like Vanessa Redgrave, he had to work to get there, and just as quickly, it seems, moved back into supporting roles. We're lucky to have any work from them, no matter how long their screentime, so this is my way of saying thanks. 

It's tough to settle on my favourite Keith Carradine role because he always brings such effortless grace and gravity to whatever he does. I'll always have a softspot for his Wild Bill in Deadwood, for sure, so cozily drunk and ornery. But then I think I might love his turn in Southern Comfort, who turns ruthlessly sarcastic as his cohorts are ground up like hamburger by an unseen sqaud of bloodthirsty cajuns. It's a command performance in a film full to bursting with the best character actors of the day. He manages to walk away with every scene. 

Anyway, enjoy Side A of this new endeavor.