I'm glad you didn’t love me

I never loved someone as selflessly 

No one told me how to love

Movies taught me a shade of it

A fake shade of it though

They showed me that someone who loves with all their heart

Always finds the one they love

But they never showed me how to stand up

When I had badly fallen in love with the person that doesn’t love me back

Why didn’t they tell you what to do when the only person you have ever loved in your love and the only person you think you'll ever love doesn’t love you back

So, thank you so much for teaching me something that no movie could ever teach me

I knew that you were the desire of many

I could see in their eyes

I tried to protect you from their filthy disgust

But you were the want of only one

Such a want with which I couldn’t survive

I was hungry for love

Not just any love

But for your love

My love for you was priceless

A love no one has ever seen

I wrote poems after poem on your exquisite beauty which only I could see

Which was visible only to me

Hoping that you'd realize my true love for you

I tried to look you, admire you, turn you into words in every form

I bled when you didn’t even cast a look

Even though you knew someone loved you the most

So when you didn’t love me in spite of me loving you madly

I thought there was something wrong with me, I really did

I tried to beat myself up over it

To find out what was wrong with me

I still remember those hollow nights

With air full of haunting thoughts

And suicidal urges

There was nothing wrong with me. I realized

Because It wasn’t you that I loved

It was me

It was me all along

That I loved

When I was with you

I missed myself more than you

I showed myself that part of me that I never knew existed

And all along I thought it was you 

A part that I loved the most.

It wasn’t me that wasn’t worthy of your love

It was you.

I will love again

I will find someone again

Someone might be just like you

I will fall deeper in love again

I thought I wouldn’t survive without your love

But I did survive

I'm still alive

I'm still breathing

And It's all because of you

I'm glad you didn’t love me