I'm going to be a bit late again, sorry!
But not as late as last time! I'll have some content up soon!

I haven't been doing so well recently. Considering this is the second time I've posted about my mental health here, I guess it's been fairly bad most of the year. I haven't had a lot of motivation or energy to do much recently, but rest assured I do have some content from November to post here. I'll get around to it soon, most likely before the end of December.

In the meantime, have a listen to Mata-Nui: The Music Chronicle! It's a tribute to the BIONICLE music from around 2001 put together by my friend Skip aka Serial Symphony. I was going to make a proper track to represent the element of stone, but life got me down so Skip just looped a demo I had sent him and renamed it to Kohli Showdown. You can download the full project for free on bandcamp - https://bioniclemusicteam.bandcamp.com/releases

Again, thank you for your patience.