Hi everyone!

I've finally got this thing figured out, and ready to go, and that makes me so happy!  I've been working on putting this page together since around January of 2016, and thanks to just...life being life...it's taken me until now to tweak it to just the way I want it.  I'm sure I'll end up tweaking it some more, but right now I'm just happy that I've got it reasonably done!

So it's February!  I've got some fun stuff planned for February.  Let's have a look...

- Goblin Helm (designing a patchwork helm that has built in goblin ears.)

- 'Sneak' armour (soft leather armour for LARP designed to be tactically hidden under someone's longcoat and go unnoticed.)

- Twi'lek Patch (In honour of the awesome twi'lek cosplay group I'm part of, I want to come up with a patch to symbolize it.)

- Plan Twi'lek outfit.  (This one I'm super excited about!  I'm getting a set of prosthetic twi'lek lekku made by Sophie from StagedFaces, and now I need to design the costume for them!  So far...I've decided that I want to be purple!  Or grey.  Or perhaps purple-grey.)

And then the other thing that I'm going to be working on this month is preparing stock for Gryphcon at the beginning of March!  This is a convention going on in Guelph, Ontario, and I'll be going with the lovely people who run our LARP chapter, Underworld: Ralinwood, and am bringing some of my goodies to infest the booth!  I can't wait.

(Oooh!  That means I also need to pick a costume!  And that means photos!  :D )

Can't wait to get started!

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