I'm Here & I'm Not Going Anywhere

First off, a big thank you to my friends who motivated me to create a page. I had always thought about it, but until you said you would actively support me, it was another dead dream in a colossal hall of nightmares. Being an artistic entrepreneur is a lonely road.

A big thank you to everyone who takes a chance on me and my writing. Whenever I sell a book at a convention, or someone reads one of my stories on my blog and comments, I always say the same thing because it really is from the bottom of my heart: “Thank you for supporting me.”

It is not easy to take time out of your day to give one of my stories a chance. There is so much media out there to consume. I’m happy that my fiction and monsters get to have your attention for just a few seconds. 

If you support my Patreon Page, you will get all sorts of awesome goodies. Behind the scenes, free books, Q & A, Kindle Books, the list is extensive. I write full-time, so I can assure you there will be tons of content coming across the patron-only-stream. I will be talking about my own writing and publishing process, craft issues, bonus material for the content in my stories, and small anecdotes from my personal life. 

I publish my short stories via a website/blog I have been writing for a few years called What the Monster Said . It is full of content you would enjoy. It is all free. I don’t think people should have to do very much to enjoy my stories. If you want to take the next support and actively support me so these tales don’t go away because I must be a more “essential” member of society, then please offer up a buck a month. The content on Patreon will be better than my blog. It is the premium option. It’s the fine filet. 

I write about monsters, plain and simple. I place them in fantasy, science fiction, and horror settings. I spin my stories with moralistic lessons and conundrums. I like to use a fictional backdrop to bounce nonfiction issues off like a game of Pong. To get samples of stories, blog posts, and books, please check out my website What the Monster Said . You will not be disappointed. Thank you everyone for your support. It means the world.

Time for me to get another post done besides this introductory one. I’m currently working on my short story for next week, and the sequel to my very popular apocalyptic series The Greenland Diaries . Soon, I’ll be giving my children a ride around the neighborhood to get them some rest. If they only knew what I was writing about.    


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