I'm an impatient writer...
I'm an impatient writer.

And you're all going to benefit from that!!

Dylan encourages this process. The picture in this post is one of the reference photos for him that I use.

Instead of the one chapter a month as originally planned, I'm now going to be putting up two! That's a new chapter of To The Third Power every 2 weeks!

This is being done for multiple reasons - the first of which is that I want to finish editing the project faster and the faster I need to put chapters out for you, the faster I'll edit. The second is that I now have quite a few more books I am working on and I want to move forward with, but there's one problem.

I know me.

If I try and spread myself too thin (keep in mind that I'm already illustrating a children's book, as well as doing art commissions, on top of keeping up with weekly blogs, retro game streams, and any personal artwork I might want to do), I'll burn out and lose my drive to write for a long time.

As writing and art are now my full time jobs, I can't afford to burn out. So if I want to work on these other Book projects, I need to finish the edit of TTTP asap.

This means you get 2 chapters a month rather than one, and that the book will be finished being edited in one year rather than the 22 months I was originally projecting. Yay!

So keep an eye out - chapter 2 of the book is on its way in the next couple of days!

Not a patron yet but want to read the book? Become a patron for as little as $1 a month to read! Want your name in the dedication? $5 a month can make that happen*! Some restrictions apply.

(*To qualify for the 'name in dedication perk, you must either have been a paying patron at the $5 a month level or above for at least 3 months upon completion of the book's edit - currently slated for August 2017 - OR, you must remain a paying patron for 3 full months from first becoming a patron if you join in the last two months of the project. There will be a 2 month gap between projects to allow patrons to continue to claim this perk right up until the next project begins (currently slated for November, 2017). Anyone who becomes a patron of the $5 level after this period will be included in the dedication of the next book, rather than this one.)

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