I'm in a pinch... As usual
S. O. S. - I'm in a bit of a financial wedge right now. I need a short term income kick. If you have any art needs give been considering using me for or at if mine you saw and wanted to buy... This is a great week to hit me up as I'm going to be a pushover in pricing negotiations. Please take advantage of my weakness. Long story - Between being tied up on deadlines for non-paying projects and taking on gigs that I didn't realize weren't going to pay, having found myself essentially stranded out of town with no income or fictional transport, having a few jobs back out, etc. All these bad decisions and set ups have eaten up my meager savings and I'm just trying to get ahead of my timeline again before I'm in a real pinch. If you have any need of my services i am willing to be super flexible on price for a little bit. Hit me up.
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