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I'm in a scary movie!
Remember the Buttchugger? Mr. Cody La Rue? Well way back in the Before Time we and some other friends started a small production company together with the intention of making cool horror-comedy short films. We never got around to actually making any though and our careers took us separate ways. 

I (stupidly) chose to spend more time working on my somewhat blossoming but never actually blossoming youtube career, and ended up wasting a decade of my life becoming an insane monster working with bad people to entertain worse people. 

Cody on the other hand did the correct thing and instead of taking the "youtube personality" short-cut to mind-shattering abused notoriety, actually spent his time being sociable, making connections, and continuing to build the production company into what is now Flint Rat Films. 

Together he and his crew of buddies, best friends, and roommates, have actually succeeded in making legitimate films that put anything and everything us youtube vlogger/reviewer jackasses do to shame. Which is exactly what we deserve. To be shamed. Endlessly shamed for the gifts we have squandered in our vain pursuit of self aggrandizement. 

If you haven't checked out Flint Rat you absolutely should. Their main series Regular Dudes is consistently hilarious, as are their random skits and weird nonsense, some of which i show up in. 

What you see here is an actual bonafide spooky scary short film just like we originally envisioned when we were first discussing our future careers all those years ago. It's about a deranged ice cream maniac who beats people up... to death!

The best part, aside from everyone else being cool in it... is me also being cool in it. Yes, for once I actually left my house and tried to be a part of something with my friends like I used to do back when i was human. The result of which is my small part as "Hot People Eating Ice Cream #1" right at the beginning of the film. I took some creative liberties with my part, it wasn't in the script but i decided independently that my character is a time displaced caveman or something whose been living among us in this era for just long enough to sort of blend in but not really, a portrayal which is honestly just a cunt hair away from being autobiographical. 

It's a small part but luckily since this is a scary murder movie, me only being in the beginning means that I'm one of the lucky few to survive the ice cream rampage. Take that all you people who died, Hot Caveman lives to sloppily eat ice cream another day.

Anyways that's the movie, don't just watch my part and stop, watch the whole thing. It's great. I'm proud of my friends for doing stuff that's actually cool and grateful that they always want me to be a part of it. 

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Bonus: Last Years Halloween Skit Starring Dennis (The Ice Cream Killer)

If Cody had a Patreon I'd be pledging him but since he doesn't I'm posting this for him cause good shit should be rewarded with good dollars. Besides it's the least I can do after showing up to his halloween party without a costume, just wearing a plastic crown and responding every time someone asked me what I'm dressed as with "I'm Gay, this is what I think gay people look like". 

Also for only being at the party for like 10 minutes before sneaking away and spending the rest of the night in the back of my car having a Taco Bell induced near-death poo poo parade. 

Also for going as a Trump voter last year and accidentally starting a riot at his house. 

Also for drunkenly flipping over an entire pizza and publicly performing lewd acts with a big scary mysterious fat girl the year before that. 

One of these years I will manage to not ruin Cody's halloween party. But until that day comes I will have to settle for promoting his fuckin sweet movies and immortalizing him in legendary butt-raps.