I'm in a video game!!!
I have officially played guitar for a video game soundtrack! This short video features a couple little guitar tracks I was asked to record for the new PS4 release "Guacamelee 2" that were used in a cutscene and included in the OST. 

This has been a dream of mine for years. It might not be much, but it makes me so happy and incredibly proud that my guitar playing is IN A VIDEO GAME! Little Nathan would be freaking out if he knew that would happen one day, haha

Little by little, I'm making new connections with composers in the film, tv, and video game industries. They're slowly starting to take notice of my work, and I believe this will just be the first of many projects I get to work on in the future. 

You guys made this happen. No composers would notice my work if you weren't all here watching, sharing, and believing in what I'm doing. And they most certainly wouldn't notice it if I couldn't afford to create it in the first place! Thank you thank you thank you... I owe you all so much.

Much. Freakin. Love!

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