I'm Making Some Changes
Hello there patrons,

Judging by my last post it appears I was a little too hasty in declaring Golden Circus Days not dead.  It's sad but I have to be realistic:

My days of creating circus archives are over.​​  

Our motorhome is in storage.  My musician husband is working at a brewery.  Instead of campground spigots and fire hydrants we have a legit municipal water bill.  It's been six months and it's still a little weird sometimes, but we are slowly settling into non-circus life.  ​​One very unfortunate byproduct of the circus show closing is that my ability to create circus archives has now ceased.  I have no more circusfolks in my life!  There are ways to find them, of course, but these days, with an autistic little son and a new job in carsharing (my "real" work), photography is on the back-burner.  ​​That doesn't mean I'm quitting though, far from it.    My new job will have me traveling regularly and I look forward to dabbling in travel and street photography far more.  I've even created a new blog, found at my portfolio site,


, where I'm completing a year-long challenge of monthly themed shoots for posting.  I also was gifted an online portraiture class from a dear friend and I'm looking forward to utilizing it.  

In other words, I'm still taking pictures, I'm still noticing light, and I'm still awed by faces.  I was just in Philadelphia and made some really fun work that I'm just now starting to share.​​  The past eighteen months have felt impossible at times, and your financial support was so so incredibly appreciated.  The little mood bump of seeing your confidence in my work was also not insignificant!  I know some of you are here because you are circusfans, so you'll be happy to know I still have a set of circus images to share from the very last show of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Gold Unit, which I will strive to do sometime before the summer. I will be sharing them here with patrons first to thank you for your support in my inconsistent endeavor.  Thank you so much for being here and I do hope very much you'll all stick around.  

I'm attaching an image from the kind of work I want to be doing more of as I travel:  finding movement artists and collaborating with them.    Fingers crossed that the camera and I will continue to make meaningful images together.  

Thanks for following along, friends.