I'm moving with nothing!
Okay! So next step of the journey is that I am moving out of this artist housing situation after four months of being here. 

I'm so excited that I can finally move and you made that possible! I'm making just enough off social media where I can pay rent, but not for anything else. 

I need to buy lights, a tripod, a vlogging camera (and of course food and furniture but I'm trying to keep my patreon for youtuber related expenses) 

Its been an amazing adventure so far and I wanted to update you all where I am at! I also wanted to say thank you for helping me get here. 

I have skype calls, texting, and personal videos as rewards if you are interested in helping me get lights and a tripod (I was using the equiptment here but since I'm moving I won't have access to that anymore) 

I love you all so much!
Stay extraterrestrial!