“I’m not allowed to work here.”
This is Lassanew from Gambia. Lassanew is 21 years old and lives as a refugee in Germany since 9 months. I visited him at the camp, cooking rice for a meal. 

Lassanew tries to learn our language every day, attending a school. He lives with six other men in a room.

And is not allowed to work yet. If he is lucky, he’ll get permission in one month, he told me, smiling a bit.  

When I asked him, what he would like to work if he could, I recognized, that he never thought about it. After a while Nassanew answered, that he would do anything – if he could, he’d work on the assembly line.

He agreed to me taking a picture, but didn’t want to show his face. I agreed, too. And so this photograph came to pass. I’ll print it and bring it back to him. 

Lassanew, I wish you the very best. Keep on going, you are a great man.