im not charging you guys for not doing anything..
hey guys im just gonna speak. im taking a stream break and im sure its been obvious ive been on a yt break.. least as far as bigger produced content for a while now.. so untill that changes i obviously dont want any hand outs or to take advantage of you guys but i cant give you guys the content right now.  i hope to one day get a new computer that makes my streams how i want them in my mind.. i hope to one day get drums that arent shit and constantly breaking and needing fixing and maybe on day get back into editing video which is a very time consuming hobby. thanks for all the support. i dont wanna call it quits out right i just need some time. you guys can stay patreons if you wish but you will not be charged till i produce something so its no longer monthly.. anyway. thanks for all the support as always it means the world to me.