I'm now officially on Twitch
Just did a quick stream last night and had some of you guys hop on to chill for a bit. It was pretty fun and I got to make this quick little painting. Because I have a habit of doing my work in 1-3 hours I think if I do at least one painting per stream that'd be cool. This weekend I'll be back on it but I'll be working on the comic most likely. So if you want to come, chill, hang out, and check out how I'm making the comic then stop on by. I'll be posting on here and twitter when I'm logging on and I'll try and give plenty of warning.
While I'm streaming will be the perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as you'd like! I'll also be talking through my process so I can wrap that all up in a tutorial video for my channel. Also, if you've got any requests then that will be the perfect time for them as well.