Mainly wanted to set this up so we can hang out on voice-chat during livestreams! 

The server is open to everyone, but aside from general-chat, all channels are Patron-only. Patreon automatically assigns a role based on your tier-level.

Click the link above ^ to join. I haven't quite figured out how everything works, so if you have trouble connecting or aren't getting assigned the appropriate role, please let me know.

  • $1-5: "Patron"

Access to Patron-only chat and livestream voice-chat (5 slot cap)

  • $7+: "Artist"

Access to Patron-only chat, livestream voice-chat (5 slot cap) and the artist channel, where you can share art, resources and request C&C. I realize some of you in the fanmail tiers may not be artists ;-) but everyone who has access to my tutorials, will have access to this channel.

  • $50+: "Champion"

There's a private champion channel, and you are also granted some moderator rights, ignoring Livestream voice-chat channel caps (meaning you can always join, even if it's full).