Tier Benefits
Welcome Aboard
$2 or more per Video
Thank you for supporting me and my shop! 

You gain access to all my private workshop Vlogs. I am shooting videos about upcoming projects, prototypes, general workshop updates and of course about all of my failures 😇 🎬

Also I will answer every single comment that you guys post here on patreon. ✌️

Join the Patreon Wall
$5 or more per Video
You feel like you want to support me a bit more? 

I'll 3D print your name and hang it on the Patreon Wall in my shop. That way you physically get into the videos 😁

Of course you still get all previous rewards.. 

Welcome to my Lab
$20 or more per Video
All previous rewards plus: 

Every now and then I will schedule a short Patreon-only LiveStream session just for you guys! Feel free to ask any questions you have. 

Lets do something together
$200 or more per Video
All previous rewards plus:

You are awesome! If you choose this tier I'll invite you to a monthly one-to-one live stream. It's up to you wether you want some assistance on your own projects or if you're just up for a little chat.
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