I’m packing for Philly…with low expectations in tow Email dump from WikiLeaks exonerates Berners who knew this election was rigged from the start
By Yvonne C. Claes

So what have we learned from the 20,000 WikiLeaked emails from the Democratic National Committee? Quite a lot it turns out.

Before I get to that, let me just say something to all the Hillary Clinton enthusiasts who called me a “conspiracy theorist”: I told you so.

You said that Sanders’ supporters made up claims that the election was rigged in Hillary’s favor by a complicit media and the DNC, but WikiLeaks proved we were right. You said we were bitter, needed to “grow up,” and were “throwing a tantrum” because our man didn’t win. Hillary won fair and square, you said, but you were wrong.

Berners will gladly accept your apology, but we won’t hold our collective breaths. We know the cognitive dissonance you’re experiencing is still too strong, preventing you from seeing the truth about your deeply flawed candidate.

So, what did we learn from the trove of emails released yesterday from WikiLeaks?(You can search them yourself by clicking on this link).

We learned that Rhode Island’s governor knew about and condoned election fraud because it benefited Hillary, the DNC colluded with the mainstream media to shut out Bernie, DNC staffers considered smearing Bernie by alleging he was an atheist, the Democratic Party establishment viewed Bernie supporters as a nuisance and stupid — with the memories of “snails” — and that we would fall in line come November and vote for Hillary.

DNC staffers also expressed frustration that Bernie wouldn’t drop out. The corrupt Democratic Party worked hard this election cycle to deny a large swath of American voters a voice. I will not reward the stealing of democracy by voting for their candidate in November.

<figure>This man should be President, but corruption by Democratic Party leaders has sidelined him.</figure>

I am packing for Philadelphia right now, with low expectations in tow. I leave early tomorrow with a friend to make the nine-hour journey from Detroit by car. Already, Berners who are there are reporting what is happening, and it doesn’t look good.

Bernie supporters and delegates today were locked out of the DNC’s Platform Committee meeting. The door was shut in their faces as they demanded to be let in and then party officials called the police, who escorted Sanders’ supporters out of the building. So much for democracy and unifying the party.

The WikiLeaks’ email trove, the selection of Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as Hillary’s vice president, and the dismissive treatment of Bernie supporters so early at the convention show that the establishment doesn’t want to hear what Progressives have to say. They are content to dismiss the 13 million of us who voted for Bernie and the millions more who couldn’t due to voter suppression.

Kaine is pro-TPP, pro-Right-to-Work, personally anti-abortion, and pro-Wall Street. The irony of his selection isn’t lost on Berners. He and Hillary are more Republican than Trump when it comes to trade issues, yet Bernie was the one repeatedly accused during the primaries as not being a “true Democrat.”

I guess a “true Democrat” is one who represents corporate America, is anti-labor, friendly with big banks, and not very pro-women. Hillary’s choice makes me wonder if she is trying to lose this election. Maybe she’s a false flag for Trump when all this time I thought it was the other way around.

I have a sinking feeling as I run last-minute errands and load up the car. I predict Democratic Party leadership will continue to exclude Berners from the convention and the media won’t report on it.

The media will instead interview Bernie nemesis Debbie Wasserman Schultz as she waxes not-so-eloquently about how the Democratic convention isn’t divisive like the Republican gathering was. Everyone has a seat at the table, she will claim, while thousands — maybe even a million of us Sanders’ supporters — will be shut out and ignored like we have been for over a year.

The media either won’t report that we are even there or will make passing comments about it while estimating our numbers are much smaller than they really are. They did both when Bernie drew more than a million people total to his rallies.

I also predict that Democratic leadership will turn off or lower the volume of microphones situated nearest Sanders’ delegates and won’t allow roll call votes on substantive issues and platform points just like they did at a Nevadastate convention in May. In other words, the propaganda machine will be working overtime, and the mainstream media won’t counter its message.

I further predict that Berners will be falsely labelled as “violent,” just like delegates were in Nevada, when we try to exercise our constitutional right to free speech. (Remember the chair-throwing incident that NEVER happened?)

But I wish I could predict with confidence that Bernie will take back his endorsement of Hillary.

If I could speak directly to Bernie I would say the DNC and Hillary are not owed your loyalty, especially in light of Hillary’s VP pick and the WikiLeaks’ emails showing that the DNC tried to derail your campaign from the beginning.

You negotiated in good faith, Bernie, when you gave your endorsement. But it’s been proven since that Hillary and the DNC didn’t do the same. Rescind your endorsement, Bernie, for the good of the country, which needs you now more than ever.