I'm the Queen of Natural Lotion - Almost Officially ;)
I don't know what it takes to actually be the queen, but I'm pretty qualified!

At about the age of 7 or 8 I began having skin issues. My skin started getting dry, flakey, then painfully dry in the winter. My skin would crack and bleed at my hand and feet. Just the rubbing of regular clothes in my skin made me want to sit still as to not cause heat and irritation. Jeans were the worst! As I approached my teenage years I broke out in my face, but what was the most nuisance was my oily, flakey skin on my face. I couldn't even apply makeup as this process made my skin flake even more!

Well, years later I learned that my body was reacting to gluten and dairy. Eliminating foods from those categories helped and so did doing some cleanses and getting my liver in particular to function properly (to digest and process oils properly +++).

So, over the years I've tried many, many lotions. Sometimes I apply pure oils - mostly in the winter and after baths. But I prefer the texture of a lotion. I still strive to get my body to be able to provide ample moisture and to retain moisture by itself - but I do give it some help and good ingredients for treatment.

These are currently my favorite. The ingredients meet my standards (and I believe they check out good with the EWG from what I recall).

My favorite is the Kukui Cocoa butter for winter. It's thicker and smells amazing! Not too strong. I am testing the Aloe Mint for after sun care - especially for my hubby who is not a big lotion user but may need (and prefer) this combination of ingredients after a big dose of sun. I also like the 1000 Roses. Good for Everday care and after sun as well. While this one can be naturally cooling for after sun care, I got the Aloe Mint mainly for my hubby ☺️

Oh, and they are very reasonably priced!

This is not an endorsement.

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