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My politics is "Quite Right" and my “You're Quite Right To Pay Me” video is my attempt at an entertaining impersonation of a salty American accent while improvising for the camera. 

"Just so long as they don't push it on children or me I don't give two hoots what anyones' sexual identity or preferences may be" - Tommy Roberts

Yes, I wrote that for the purpose of this post and it still holds true. It's also true however I don't subscribe to an effeminate or shrill poof culture with its' clipped dehumanization, precious sensitivities or specious sentiment that is disingenuously peddled as praiseworthy or virtuous. This being the case I suspect contemporary neoliberal poof culture may seek to malign or marginalise me. Indeed, it has already done a crack job at according my work no value. It has awarded it no prizes and has never afforded it investment or positive media exposure. 

According to a poof culture paradigm, in order to be considered fashionable or intelligent or mature or cosmopolitan or culturally sophisticated or simply acceptable a man should attempt to emulate/aspire to the moral high ground of a status quo mired fashion victim or a well heeled, preening psychopath or a megalomaniacal bourgeois feminist. He should lead like an officious faggot, communicate like a politically correct sycophant and accept orders like an amoral transgender cyborg. To subscribe to such a fallacious worldview is of course, erroneous.

Rarely able to compete intellectually, these vacuous, jumped-up, pseudo intellectual, culture snobs sometimes try to falsely identify me as backwards or unprofessional or mentally ill or representative of a thug culture. Again it's utter nonsense and one of the reasons I'm not attracted to pretentious neoliberal poof culture whether it is in the corporate world or the arts. Similarly, any type of thug culture (incl. corporate and organised crime) is rarely able to compete intellectually. Viewing a spiritual intellect and an artistic sensibility as weakness, its' power dynamic usually resorts to intimidation and most regrettably, basest instincts.

The poof culture I'm referring to is at its' core, dishonest. It carefully manicures a superficial veneer. A shiny glossy surface that conjures the illusion The Western Dream is alive and achievable. It might for instance give us a Rags To Riches story such as the theatrical Richard Branson. Such a likeable and relatable model of worldly success with whom we can easily identify and aspire serves to help keep We The People convinced anything is possible for those possessed by the right attitude. An attitude that coincidentally or rather conveniently, happens to be the Special on the Global Elites' politically correct Menu of the Day. 

The irony and a deceit that seems to elude many is, poof culture hollows out and tends to convolute or muzzle the veracity of a critical Middle. This has the consequence of not only reinforcing poof culture itself but reinforcing and also infusing a reactionary thug culture that is in large part covertly owned/patronised by the very same elite interests that own the former. 

I believe this veritable pincer movement is currently being deployed on Western Societies in various ways (incl. the European migrant crisis) to further undermine representative democracies in favour of centralising religious/cultural-political-economic/commercial power for the benefit and ultimately #NeoHegeMonopolistic tyranny of a comparatively small elite. 

Most people are terribly afraid of being rejected or marginalised or disenfranchised from poof culture for the simple reason it means they will most likely be forced to try to survive in a thug culture. There is no Middle or it is at the least both systematically eroded and substantially reduced in a society subverted by a corrosive poof culture paradigm. This is worth reiterating. 

The opportunity for a Free and Independent Middle being everything our forebears supposedly lived and stood and fought and died to win and uphold, is reduced until - under NWO Neo Feudalism - it ceases to exist

Attempting to survive in a thug culture is not a pleasant prospect for any reasonable, ethical person. We are Socially Controlled by a Fear of having to do that if we do not capitulate to the sophisticated Tyranny that is the Political Correctness of what I refer to here as poof culture. 

I use this term poof culture for all the reasons to be offended by but also because while it may seem ubiquitous or all-pervasive and it is certainly well established to the point of being even legally institutionalised in too many places already, an awoken population has within its' grasp, the antidote. 

Under an enlightened and active citizenry that vigorously demands responsible leadership and rigorous accountability from government the most corrosive and tyranny inducing elements rather than your freedom and independence - your human, civil and industrial rights - might just as easily go, 

I'm not a Poof but neither am I a Fool or a Thug. Nor am I a family man or churchy. I'm not gainfully inculcated into the corporate world or any of the professional classes. Neither am I well suited to low intellect workplaces. It is little wonder therefore I might be mistaken for a disenfranchised loser. 

I'm inured to being a Disgruntled Loner. In a successfully operating well-developed society, I would be spared my vitriol, my validity affirmed and my input, valued. I would be paid commensurate to my education, skills, experience, work ethic and ultimately my intrinsic worth. My social value would be evident. These variables would locate me as being at the very least Middle class. So instead of my working really hard to earn literally nothing as I do now, I would be appropriately compensated. This is the type of world replete with fast car and hottie I'd prefer to inhabit so, 

You're Quite Right to Pay Me❗️ 

I'm the Anomaly any truly Progressive Civilisation Needs and should therefore value, regularly consult, fairly compensate and accord genteel respect. Consequently, no matter what my income generating employment or lack of employment or position in the status quo, I correctly identify myself as being an independent artist and should be afforded a respectable livelihood and/or the respective basic income. Yes, in my view the proverbial final solution for the greater public and personal good involves responsible uncorrupted distribution of a living income to its' native citizens from both the public purse and private sectors (: rather than having same stolen by parasite interests ):

I'm an Independent Australian Artist now in my 50's. I write my own songs and create video song demos for them. I hope these video song demos may inspire people to take an interest in my work and perhaps even to invest in the professional production and commercial release of one or more of my songs. I'm also receptive to collaborating with or writing for other artists. 

I'm also an Intellectual. I have a post-graduate university education in art history, social sciences (incl. sociology and politics) and education. I spent my childhood growing up in the international art world. I attended both state schools and elite private boarding schools totaling nine schools. Even so, I became independent of my estranged family and their dysfunctional home and also my school piers soon after leaving my final boarding school at the age of seventeen. I've spent my life as a loner working mostly blue-collar jobs to make ends meet. I've also had a few rather unsatisfying suit & tie jobs only one of which required any of my formal qualifications. Even that job paid as though it were a stipend to cover undeniable costs for what was effectively voluntary work.

I've Travelled quite extensively within the confines of my limited resources with wide-ranging and sometimes extreme experiences. I possess a peculiar insight into anything that holds interest for me. I document my perspectives not only c/- my songs and videos but also in blog posts, lucid social media comments and digital images or collages. Return To Overview 

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