Thanksgiving is coming up in the US! This will be only our second-ever Thanksgiving for Bec and I, after arriving in the states in September 2014. 

I realized how much we have to be grateful for - that we have a job where we get to do what we love, a roof over our heads, an amazing city all around us - and a community of generous supporters!

Gratitude - or giving thanks - is a great thing. It evolved during caveman days to help humans bond with each other. People who were grateful were less likely to be social freeloaders, and more likely to be reciprocal givers - an important trait for a member of a primitive human social group! 

Science has recently shown how Gratitude affects the brain, and how people who give thanks have better mental health, more positive relationships, increased resilience to trauma, and more satisfaction with life!  

(Read more about the science of gratitude in this study: 

Given that gratitude was so awesome, I wanted to take a moment just to say THANK YOU to all out Patreons - many of whom are our literal family - for all your support. We genuinely and sincerely appreciate you!

What are YOU grateful for? Behavioral scientist Sean Achor suggests listing three things we're grateful for each day can have enormous positive health benefits. If you've got a minute, let us know YOUR three things! We'd love to hear from you - plus we'd love you to have a stronger, better, healthier day! 

- Jayde (& Bec)