I'M Sorry, .... Please Forgive Me!
Im so sorry for losing sight if whats important to me, MY NOMADIC LIFE, and sharing it. 

I got so caught up in all the excitment, I lost sight that the reason I am doing this blog-vlog is to share what I learn and the world that I live in.

E-begging isnt like me, I only ask one person to provide for me and that is God, through Jesus I always have all I need! He answers my prayers so fast sometimes my head spins and just how I got the RV, in its self is a GOD thing!

Yes there are, like everyone else things I want, but I never lack for what I need. 

So from now on, I wont mention the amount of subscribers or patreons I have. As one of my prizes I will make a video about my new patreons, byt no more e-begging for this girl. I  will simply list it on the bottom of my videos and be done with it.

I thank you all in advance for your support, rather it is personal or financial!

Now buckle up....its time to roll !!!

Peace N Love