I'm sure you saw this coming...
Hey beautiful people. So as I am sure you have seen, I worked very diligently through November and December to make as much content as possible on Draw2Much with very little success. Part of that was also changing this Patreon to a monthly account to keep me driven to provide as much as possible and pay you back in content for the wonderful funds you provide me. 

That being said a lot has changed in 2 months.  I have started a business called KnifeMaker Training with my father in law and I am editing training videos daily. Also I have been hired part time at our local radio station where I am working as a board operator for our local basketball games. I have been incredibly busy not including drawing caricatures I have in waiting. This has left incredibly little time to make any other content on any of my other channels. 

So getting to the point.  At this point it seems that Draw2Much on youtube has joined the very long list of "dead" channels that had their hay day and have died out, mainly due to the fact that I just have not been able to focus on good quality content on a constant basis.   I have no intention of giving up on it, because admittedly I have received an email of a party willing to buy the channel from me. But  Draw2Much will always be mine, and it will be my place to play from here on out. I am taking a big step back from trying to create professional content on here and I am going back to just sharing what I love when I can. Art, speedpaints, and whatever else artistically that meets my fancy.

In saying that, I will also be switching this patreon back to a per creation basis and I don't expect anyone to stick around. But I cant have you paying monthly for something I cant promise.  I am incredibly grateful for all your support up till now as well as your support in the future if you choose to stick around.

I will be trying to get more of my old advanced guides on here for you if you want them, but as of this point I am retiring my advanced guide making. The market is far too saturated with art lessons and at this point there is no profit to be made in them. So I will get them up here for you guys who continue to support me per creation and I hope they bless you guys. 

If I do find time I will always be happy to answer your artistic questions in videos in the future, but I just want everyone to know its been an amazing run, and you have been wonderful friends the whole time.  I'm not going anywhere, but I am also looking at reality that I cant expect any further success on a channel I cant keep up with. But hopefully it will help me feel even more free to just play, and not worry about other people's opinions as I always have. 

Love you guys! Thank you for all your support financially and in spirit. You are amazing! We did awesome!