My life in the past 5-6 months has been...  Tiring, I wouldn't generally talk about this kind of thing with my fan base because it's just a bunch of real life stuff that likely some won't care about.  But this is causing issues with my physical and emotional state, and might cause issues with the continuation of Marked if things don't get sorted out soon.

As only a few might know, I applied for the incubator program on Tapas but I never received an email back from them, which most likely means they did not like my submission or they didn't like my art style, either way I didn't get into the program.  The problem with that is that for the past 5-6 months I've been surviving off 2.5 thousand dollars that I saved up working at Little Caesars last year, since then I moved to a new apartment, had to quit that job, and have been looking for another job ever since then.  I applied at quite a few places, most of which never replied and the others rejected my application (One rejected me today which is what caused me to need to write this).

I'm down to my last couple hundred dollars and emotionally I'm at my breaking point, (PATRONS, THIS DOES NOT MEAN I WANT YOU TO SEND ME MORE MONEY) I'm just so tired of searching and continuing to feel like a failure.  I want to continue working on Marked and continue to do what I love to do, and I will continue to work on it for now, but unless things in my life change for the better I may just have to stop my artistic endeavors...

TL;DR: There is no TLDR context is needed.