Improve My Car Sketch initiative is going level up! :)

This time I would like to invite you to make a video of your improved sketches and designs. I will publish your video on our new YouTube channel: but also on Facebook pages - of course if the video will be good enough (good quality, good and simple presentation, has author names, etc.)

In the attachment I have added a short INTRO video with CarDesignPro's logo that you can simply use in your video. All the videos must be at least in HD (720) and with "no copyright" song. You can also submit a formated version so I can do it for you.

All the videos and sketches (original one and improved one) send via email: [email protected] please (for example you can use WeTransfer platform). Don't forget to write names of the authors and links to their sites (not required)



The idea is simple: submit a car sketch to improve or try to improve other sketches.


I decided to improve our rules little bit.
The main reason is to boost up the quality of the Improve My Car Sketch fanpage (and group). I've changed rules and created a new, special graphic templates to easy use for everyone. From now on every single work must have author's name and be fitted into the template. All these changes will helps me to manage this initiative, promote best remakes on the main site and collect it into a PDF file to download.


1. Download templates (.psd, .jpg) and follow example (files are in the attachment).

2. Every image must have Author's name (original sketch) and Your name (remake).

3. Don't add any other description to your image and post.

4. Do not add full links with "http://www." (save space, visibility is better)

4. Publish finished work on our group HERE or anywhere with hashtag #IMCS.

5. Follow the post-template below:


1. Author's name | author's link

2. Your name | your link


IMCS Rules:

* Bolded - required


You can also download the first IMCS Collection with a 120 remakes created by various designers (PDF file):

Enjoy! ;)