Impact Theory Now Available + New Reward Teir
HELLO IT'S HERE. I finally finished the first episode of my new webcomic, Impact Theory! Only $14+ patrons have access to it now, but I will be releasing it publicly eventually. This is how it works:

$14+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 3 episodes ahead

$10+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 2 episodes ahead

$5+ patrons get access to Impact Theory 1 episode ahead

Since there is only one episode up, only $14+ patrons can read it right now. When I finish the next one, $10+ patrons will be able to read it, so on and so forth. Once I'm far enough ahead, I will be releasing it publicly on my new website (the website launch is delayed due to my developer having health issues!!). The update schedule is tentatively 1 episode a month but it might fluctuate for these next few months.

I have opened a new tier for IT since the $15 level is almost sold out right now. At the $14 level you will get access to the earliest IT updates, but will NOT get physical rewards. I do not have the resources to ship out more than 250 books at a time right now, so I can't open up more $15 reward slots. 

Here's a synopsis of Impact Theory:

Everyone has their own path they walk in life. For Yue, that's more literal than most. The red line that guides and haunts him has taken him all around the world. He rarely meets people more than once, with the exception of Terri. Is fate drawing them together or is Yue doomed to walk the line to the end alone?

Here is the first episode:

Feel free to ask any questions, but I can't promise I'll answer them right away since I have s o m u c h w o r k t o d o.