Impeachment? Trump caused way more damage in Russia than in the US
 So, in comparison, you have some investigations in America and maybe the puppet president Trump will be replaced by another puppet, but in Russia it is outright chaos, paranoia, and assassinations. Some names who are suspected as sources of the infamous „golden shower“ Trump dossier turned up dead in Russia. Trump’s dealings with Russians included helping them to bring money to the US. The Kremlin is extremely sensitive about powerful Russians defecting to the West. The Russian oligarchs are loosing money fast due to the sanctions and isolation and corruption and none of them want to suffer the same fate of past oligarchs or live the meager life of soviet style politbureau members who didn’t own more than a car with a driver and a small house outside Moscow or St. Petersburg. Anybody who had dealings in the West is now a target of Stalin-style purges. Remember the soviet victory party congress of which 80% of the participants didn’t survive the following few years?