Imperial Orc inking
Another piece of fan art for Empire Lrp, commissioned by one of the Imperial orc players. This is a drawing of his character Bloodcrow Ergot.

Along time ago just after the very first game of the Empire system, I sat down and drew a whole heap of images of Imperial orcs. Its been three years since I particularly took to drawing a serious ink drawing of an orc or anyone else really from the game. Ive changed a lot as an artist and its really nice to have had the opportunity to draw some more orcs for people.

I particularly like the text on the shoulders of Ergot's lorica, there is just something really cool about it. It might just be that there is a blood spatter over the middle of Loyalty and the way they are tucked into the rusted armour plates of his shoulder guards.

Bloodcrow Ergot's Portrait - Finished

I don't think I will be colouring this image, there is something about the line art that seems good enough and I think colour would dampen some of the pieces like the text on the shoulder I love so much.