The Importance of Flow in the Process

I wanted to share this video, where I talk through the evolution of a recent client logo, to inspire you. To show the PROCESS that is continually evolving.  To remind us all that any finished (if anything is ever *really* finished, anyway) product is the result of many, many small steps.

There’s no need to have an answer in any given moment; it’s about following the flow and honoring the direction it wants to turn ESPECIALLY when you don't know where it will lead or what's next. 

I actually found that traditional "business goals" completely RUINED my flow. And what I began creating when I felt forced to make up arbitrary projects and deadlines for myself (because in the entrepreneur world, we're pushed to be continually either launching something or planning some extensive formal launch) was distorted. I could FEEL it. The purity had been corrupted.

AND not a single one of the fake "goals" I set up for myself and my business EVER happened. Which shows that when we stray from what our heart is telling us, no matter WHAT the self-dubbed "experts" say, we won't be able to connect with our true tribe.