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Hello lovelies!

I wanted to let you all know that your support means the world to me! I am so grateful for each and every single one of you who I have become patrons these past 9 months.

I want to now take the time to apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get you your packages the past few months. I've been having an awful time with personal matters. I've gone through a breakup, lost a family member, and have been battling with depression and my anxiety disorder (which I am getting help for this week) which has hindered my creative process and my social life. This includes getting in contact with photographers, other cosplayers, and I've been struggling with motivation (which in turn makes everything spiral even more down with my mental health).

What this means for you: you will all get your packages!!! For each month you've paid you will get your packs :) So no worries! They will come!

What this means for me: I am not leaving patreon! I am simply taking a break to get my mental health in order! For the next three months I am going to take a break. You are more than welcome to continue to support me each month (you are most definitely not obligated to) or you can cancel for the next three months as I am not going to send out packs for these months.

Thank you guys for being so wonderful. I'm very sorry about all of this. My mental health is so important to me. I want to make the best content for you ON TIME every single consecutive month. I love you all and I hope you have a beautiful fall 💕

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