Important questions!
1. I'm thinking about doing a chat for our $5 and $10 patrons tomorrow (Sunday) around 4 pm PST. Does that work for people? Would next weekend be better? 

2. Still deciding on chat venue. Options might include Chatzy, Facebook for this month. Down the road I'll probably set up chat on the website but I don't want to spend all night beating a chat plugin for wordpress into submission. Open to suggestions!

3. I'm thinking that this month, to provide people with an example of what the Fractal Q&A will be like, I will set it up for the $1 level or make it public. Future months it will be locked to the $10 level, but while we're getting this off the ground, I want to get as many people interested as possible. Fractal Q&A will be done here in Patreon, with one post for questions and answers, so it won't be quite as time critical.