Important Announcement Regarding NullGhost
Hi, everyone. We have a very important announcement to make today. And I’d like to ask you to read carefully.

I’m very sorry to report that NullGhost will be taking a break from the Kemo Coliseum project indefinitely. Effective next month, April 2018, he will no longer be working on the project until further notice.

During the past two years, we have been supporting and working along NullGhost while he also has been dealing with his personal issues. The decision of bringing in more artists to help had been brought up in February 2017, but due to NullGhost’s reaction to the decision, the plan was postponed. Believing that supporters and fans want majority of arts in the game to be done by NullGhost, we decided to put our trust in him.

However, as more problems arose, it became apparent that this might not have been what’s best for the project and to a greater extent, for NullGhost himself.  As he had missed multiple deadlines, we have come to a decision whereby we aren’t able to work with him anymore and that we should focus on what we should do moving forward.

With regards to NullGhost’s well-being and the forward direction of the project, we believe that a break is in the best interest of both parties. The past years have been really stressful, both for us and for him, and we hope that releasing him from the stress of Kemo Coliseum will help him gain the vitality he requires to handle his private matters.

For those who would like to support NullGhost, you can help him by making a donation through his Kofi account from the following link: 

What does this mean for Kemo Coliseum?

Currently, the main contents in the game that have not been completely finished by NullGhost are as follows: 

  • Lambert’s Visual Novel Sprites
  • Aquilo’s Visual Novel Sprites
  • Cronus’ Visual Novel Sprites
  • Volga’s Punishment Scene 1
  • Volga’s Punishment Scene 2

For the visual novel sprites, NullGhost has finished the sketches, as well as their color guides. These are enough for us to pass the tasks on to other artists to completely finish the sprite sets. Thus, what we would still acquire from NullGhost right now are the sketches of both punishment scenes of Volga. The deadline for both sketches was February 14th.

With this, the majority of the main contents in the game will still be in NullGhost’s style. We will continue working on the game, and any optional content, such as a CG during a romantic relationship route, will be done by other artists. As for Maximus and Cronus, while they are no longer participating in the tournament, we have planned to make scenes of sexual encounters between Volga and each of them. Although these erotic scenes are considered to be main contents, given the circumstances, we will have to pass these tasks on to other artists.

We hope that you understand our decision. It is not an easy decision to make, and we understand that this may impact our Patreon. However, we believe that it is better for all parties involved to go in this direction.

— Punipen

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