An Important Announcement.

Hi there. Clay/Biggs here. Please take a moment to read this post before listening to Episode #23 of Stick It. 

As a Patreon supporter, you are getting this information before anyone else. So we ask that you please keep it quiet on all social media until the show is in wide release on the main website 3/5/19. 

I'll be back at the end with some important news about the show.  But first, Rob has something to tell you.

Hey there Stick It with Mr Biggs party people.
Rob/Roger here to let you know that episode 23 will be my last.  Well, at least for the foreseeable future.  I hate to say "last" because situations and intervening circumstances could change which could bring me back. Maybe in the same guise, maybe in another.  Maybe not at all.  Who knows?  
Lord knows I'd love to stay on as Roger for every episode, but the current logistics of the show make it pretty difficult.  We're on opposite coasts, Clay/Biggs has his schedule, I've got mine, blah blah blah.
Before I wrap this up, I want to throw out a hearty thanks to Clay for his technical know-how. Before we began recording in our current configuration, we were faced with some unusual and difficult barriers.  And, like the audio geek he is, Clay untangled the wires, wiggled the cords, and pointed the dish in just the right direction.  Thanks to him, the recordings sounded like Biggs and Roger were in the same room.  Koodzoz to him.
And, as for the Biggs character (Clay's creation) he could read the nutritional information on the side of a cereal box and we'd be entertained.  (Trust me, I know.)  So about halfway through episode 24, you'll get lost in Biggs' latest Biggsyness, and most likely forget who that person was who used to talk alongside him.
Anyway, thanks for all the fun.  Cards and letters can be sent to the PO Box. 

Well, damn it.

This sucks, because the entire purpose of Stick It was to have a vehicle for Mr. Biggs to interact with Roger.  Without Roger, it's just... well.  Just damn it.

I first met Rob thru our work in broadcast radio. And all the best moments... the most fun moments... have been working with him. Doing the podcasts with him has been a pleasure. Not having a creative outlet to share with him makes me a little sad. I only hope he'll continue to listen, and I hope I still make him laugh a little.

I've spent a few weeks considering options.  Replacing Roger... or doing the same show solo... or stopping the show entirely... all were given thought.

When we started the original podcast back in 2006, we had two things that people seemed to like.  Number One - Real talk radio phone calls, edited into new and sometimes amusing context.  Number Two - The odd, awkward exchanges between Mr. Biggs and his meek co-host Roger.  When we returned with Stick It, we had to drop one of those elements. Now that the only remaining element is gone, there's only one thing to do.

Bring back the other thing people liked.

That's right. Soon the show will once again feature real talk radio calls, edited and skewed to suit the Mr. Biggs' style.

Now, this will require a lot of changes.  The website, the Patreon campaign, even the name, topic, and format of the show.  These changes will be gradual, and I hope you'll STICK around to see where I take things. Heh.  Heh heh.  Stick. Around. Yeah.

To begin using talk radio calls again, this will require a huge increase in production time for me.  So as a result, many of the Patreon Goals and Tiers will have to be tweaked, or in some cases removed completely. Please understand... I'm not moving the goalposts for my own benefit. I'm simply trying to find a viable way to continue providing a show that's fun to listen to, all while working solo.

Rob is a great friend, and I'll miss doing the show with him. He was a huge part of the show. Not simply as Roger.  But in the original show, the tone and bizarre nature of the calls and presentation were almost entirely his doing. If you enjoyed the original Ask Mr. Biggs, you have Rob to thank for that. I'm not sure I can recapture that on my own, but I'm sure going to try. 

Again... these changes will be gradual. Please be patient.

Thanks for supporting the show. 


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