Important Payment Information!
HEY GUYS, THIS IS IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ IT! Patreon only charges you at the beginning of each month. The amount you are charged depends upon two things: 1. The number of songs that were completed while you were pledging, and 2. your monthly spending limit. This is a great system, but perhaps some of you notice a minor flaw: what's to stop someone from pledging, downloading all the exclusive content, and then removing their pledge? Never paying a dime and still reaping all the rewards... doesn't seem fair, does it? One solution is to withhold ALL rewards until first payment is received... but that also doesn't seem right to me. It would really suck to pledge, and then have to wait a whole month to see any of the benefits! So, I came up with a COMPROMISE! *victory fanfare* Here's the deal: I'm bundling up voting access, the first three songs, and the first Bonus Beat as "Instant Pledge Perks". For example: if you pledge $1, you will immediately receive the first three songs and voting access, no purchase necessary, no questions asked. For $5 you also get the first Bonus Beat immediately, and $15 pledges gain instant access to Bonus Beat voting. Once I receive your first payment, you'll get any remaining releases/perks that correspond to your pledge level, and will continue to receive them as they are completed, assuming your payments continue to go through each month. SUMMARY: Becoming a new pledge is enough to get you the first few songs, and after your first payment goes through you will receive everything else. No payment is necessary to participate in Patron-only votes. Thanks for your time, and of course thank you for your continued support. This campaign has already exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with the results. You guys are amazing. -Ben