An important milestone!
Today marks the first patron to pledge $100 towards Saorsa. They've asked to remain anonymous, but this does pose several important changes towards the production of Saorsa itself.

The first of these is the obvious benefit of the additional income which will be devoted towards additional artwork. I'm still working closely with an artist to get the first height chart and basic species pictures out - that's probably going to be a few more weeks before we have much to show off, but once that's done, I can start investing that money towards getting lots of new artwork out since there'll be a visual baseline for what the species in the game look like.

The second thing this pledge means is that I'll be adding a new video series to my youtube lineup, as can be found here: (Yeah, I don't have 100 subscribers yet so the link sucks, sorry! Nearly there though so don't fret!)  In particular, this will be a new Question and Answer video which is released every month. Anyone else who would like to add to the Q&A may do so for pledges of $10+!

The third thing is that I'll be taking a day off each month to work with this individual on their own project(s), giving one-on-one coaching towards such. =3

There are a few other things that this will change, but it mostly just means there will be more content available to be seen in the near future! (Near in game-design terms, sadly. I'd love to start chucking out artwork this week, but it's going to be awhile still before it's all ready to showcase. Once it starts coming out though it should be a pretty steady stream though!)

Anyway, thank you again to all of those who have helped support Saorsa, and especially so to the newest donor!

Oh, and the druids are nearly finished. I've been reworking them over and over for awhile now, never quite satisfied with the end result, but I think I've fixed up all the problems I had with them and they're nearly ready for deployment. Anyone with alpha access will be getting a PDF link shortly to see what's up with the druids as soon as they're done!

There have been a lot of mechanics changes lately as well, tightening up and streamlining them to be quicker, more efficient in play, and more readily understood, or just so they work better in general. A few small, but major impact changes have happened this past week alone, so progress is going along nicely. I'll try to find some time to get a full post detailing the changes shortly. Kinda swamped with the actual working part though, so we'll see. =P

Anyway, thanks again and there should be an influx of new art starting in the next few weeks!
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