Important change to shipping physical rewards!
Important change to shipping physical rewards! I will be moving to another country at the end of August, so after July rewards things will change a bit. July rewards will ship in August as planned. Due to the postal system being apparently very expensive and unreliable, I will likely not be able to ship from my new home. We plan on visiting home in the USA at least once a year though, at which point I will be able to ship. I will likely be taking commissions while I am abroad, customers will receive a high resolution file immediately after the commission and I will keep the originals in a file until I visit home, at which point I will double check all addresses and mail everything out from a USA address at a family member's house. My plan with Patreon rewards is to follow a similar pattern. All physical rewards, including sketch cards and giveaway rewards, will be held until I return. Sketch card rewards will be send as high resolution files for customer use/printing until they receive the originals. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I will understand if some of my Patrons wish to cancel or change their pledges. Thank you everyone for your patronage, and apologies for the lack of updates, I've been very busy but I should have some art to show you soon!
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