Important dates for May
 Hi everyone!  Here we go again with the projected outline  for this month:

This post applies to patrons who pledged before May 1st. New patrons who join us in May will be able to claim these rewards in June.

8th (Pet Goldfish and above) - First bonus prize.

8th (Pet Budgies and above) - Suggestions for fandoms open. The budgie and DSH owners cohort haven't changed very much... so polls will have a bit of a twist this month to spice up our fandom variety somewhat ;)

15th (Pet DSHs) - I will be chasing you guys down in the first half of this month to finalise your print selection. There will be a few more prints will be added to the selection pool, but if you know what you want already please feel free to message me ASAP! 

22nd (Pet DSHs) - Your prints will be processed this week. If you've ordered charms/stickers, they'll arrive along with your print.

22nd (all patrons) - Charms/stickers will be in mailed to everyone who ordered them this week. I'm still doing up invoices - sorry about the delay, but it won't be much longer!

22nd (All patrons) - Livestreaming this week. Date to be announced.

29th (Pet Goldfish and above) - Second bonus prize!

Any questions/comments, shout them out. Let's make it another good one!