IMPORTANT INFO on updates to come!!!!
Hey everyone! 

So we’re working on getting page 5 all colored and finished for this weekend, but we’re not sure if we can keep up with updates as we go into the last stretch before the end of the school semester and Christmas/Holiday break.

So here’s the plan.

We wanna get up to page 6 posted(that being on Saturday the 28th) and then take a short hiatus until Christmas break.

That way, we’ll have plenty of time to finish up a bunch of pages without stressing about our jobs and school work as well.

Feel free to message us with ANY questions or concerns you have, and we’re sorry you guys have to wait.

If you’d like, you can message me, Viera, personally via email at [email protected] or both of us(Ken and Viera) at [email protected] :D

Love you all! Have a great November break!