Important info about monthly request stream and rewards!
Last post on this I stated that if I had gotten a lot of requests, the character busts for the patron request stream would have to be only base color, meaning no shading or highlights, but still colored. I haven't seen anyone request a character however, so I wanna make sure people know again

If you're backing me $15 or more, each month you will be able to request a colored bust (shoulders up) of any character of your choosing provide you have references! This months patron request stream will be at 2:30pm EST on November 27th!

Again I want to thank everyone for their continued support! This month had been a little rough in money and very hectic due to me being in a wedding, however the comic book is still being put together, and soon I will be posting speed paints of works (including commissions!) here availible for $5 and up backers. 

I hope to have the new computer set up by the end of this week as well, so once I get settled into that, more reward oppurtunities will be presented. 

Thanks again!

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