IMPORTANT news for all patrons: Changes in the charging schedule
Since there seems to be a lot of confusion from patrons, (and because switching to one big update a week resulted in me making half the money for 1.5 times the work) I'm changing Poppy's Patreon schedule from "charging per 3-page update", to the much simpler "charging per individual page." This change will go into effect three weeks from now, on June 18th, when Poppy 3.5's first set of pages goes up. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: As this obviously means more charges each month, over the next few weeks, I recommend all of my patrons review their current pledges to make sure they're comfortable with the amount they would be paying each month. Patreon allows you to set monthly limits, and I encourage that you exercise that right for your own convenience. WHAT YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR: 3 pages, each week of active updating. Nothing more, and nothing less. WHAT YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR: "Special" pages (holiday images, guest pages, etc.), story covers, wallpapers, and anything else that is not a story update. Thank you for your time, and your continued patronage. -Morbi