Enough people have emailed me separately about this that it probably warrants further explanation...

Patreon uses some terms of art that may be a little confusing vis a vis how often you pay. Many have gotten the impression that when they say you pay “per post”that you get billed every time a post (like this one) occurs.

That is not the case.

You will only be billed for the “paid post”that is the post announcing the final completed album. At the current rate of production- I’d say that is likely to happen sometime either right before or after the holidays.

When this happens, all Patreon will receive the digital copy of the record as an instant download. Depending on where the funding cycle is - those that contributed on the levels that get the vinyl copy as well will receive their hard copy once production and shipping has completed. The sooner we hit our first goal of $2500, the production of the vinyl begins, and will probably take roughly a month from there.

Just a heads up to clarify.

Thanks again to all of you along for this. You guys re awesome.