So the changes as stated from my previous post are taking into effect. Those who sent donations before last month will still get the rewards last time, but those who pledged or will pledge now, please note that the rewards I have are no longer in effect, they will be rearranged and changed appropriately.

I want to say to the previous and to the new Patrons thank you for pledging and hoping you'll be okay with what changes I will be doing now, giving my recent events in life.

As it stands, for those who submitted a comic-dub request via Patreon, I'll work on 2 requests mentioned last month ago.

To give a heads start to what the changes are going to look like. 

-Still be able to see Patreon only vlogs for only 1$ or more

-Buying guides for Voice Acting will still be in effect

-A added Google Drive pledge to see scripts, comics, and content will also be in effect 

-Changes to those who request for comics on Patreon

-Changes to the pledge putting Patrons name on the video description 

Again if you're seeing these changes I can understand if they are sudden, I still want to say thank you for donating to my Patreon before and I will remember those that did.

I will still leave in the description the previous names from past videos that donated from my past pledges but in later new videos only those that donate a  certain amount are eligible for their name to show up on new videos.

In the meantime this is a change in direction for me right now. As of how my life looks, my passion to one day go out on the world to spread my Voice Acting and Skills grows more stronger then ever before.

But to give a rundown to why the changes are happening. From where I am am right now I want to continue expanding on my content Voice-Over Career but from were I am situated right now will not help me productively. So for that, plans of a new place I am going to live at (with a group of personal friends that I also collaborated and worked on YouTube with) will be a possibility in my life. 

In simple terms, I have plans on moving, still in New York mind you, but just in different part of New York instead, more info later on the future.

So I will say that your help will mean a lot to me in my life right now and I can focus on really making more quality content.

I will announce on my Patreon only page what is being worked on so for those who are still donating, you'll be in a big surprise to what's to come

and if you want to stay updated on things on the spot, I update frequently on twitter @GGaiKingDGreat

and there will be a Patreon event for the weekend Livestream coming soon so I can give a better rundown on things personally from me and much more 

Thank you for taking your time reading this and understanding

Stay awesome and Stay Brave 


Marc Rafanan (GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA)