IMPORTANT THOUGHTS & QUANTUM CALIBRATIONS OF NAZISM // Putin postpones 75th Victory Day Parade // The rise of neo-Nazism & new history re-write // Was a certain conspiracy theorist right?

Apr 18, 2020

Sharing this free with the public: I think it's important for everyone to know!  

Note: the video is not mine; it's from RT, shared here for info purposes only. Read my thoughts below! Click on vid above for details on Putin's Victory Day announcement .


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In this article I collected some of my latest thoughts on topics ranging from the Victory Day postponement, a shocking turn of events for Russians, and COVID-19 to psychological origins of fascism/Nazism and the new re-writing of history, which have again become a close and present danger. Plus, I've included some of my Quantum Calibrations. 


As I've been telling you since 2012, and even more so, since 2014, we are in the midst of the Great Earth Shift! During this time many things outmoded and outworn are being torn out and carried away. Those people who don't understand what's happening can easily succumb to panic and confuse the situation even more with their erratic or negative words and actions. 

To educate those who are willing to listen and able to hear, to show the way and help orient you all in a sea of confused and contradictory information, as it always happens during the times of crucial and tectonic change, I've been writing, speaking and releasing 


Those who are listening to me, are well prepared for what's happening and what's to come! And bonus - they see it positively and with hope, not negatively!

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Putin postpones 75th Victory Day Parade amid coronavirus concerns 

The news anticipated by me, but still disappointing. I can only imagine how millions of people in Russia feel...

The preparations and rehearsals for the Diamond, 75th Anniversary of the Great Victory in WWII are being postponed due to the fact that Moscow is Russia's by far hardest COVID-hit city. About 60% of all cases are in Moscow, due to people returning from Italy, EU and US, less from China. And although the overall number of infected is 1/10th or fewer compared to other countries, with only 198 dead as of April 16, the authorities have made a cautious and responsible decision about May 9th.

Russian government waited till last moment to decide; however, the nation's health has outweighed the importance of the May 9th celebrations. This particular anniversary was supposed to be especially grand and highly anticipated. Over 20 heads of state and troops from 20 countries were invited to participate in one of the biggest ever Red Square parades. But many of them would come from countries hit much harder than Russia by COVID, adding to the overall risk. 

It has to be understood how difficult of a decision this has been, especially due to astronomical amounts of money spent in preparation already. This particular event, being the 75th anniversary, was supposed to be an unparalleled in scope and international participation global event.  The Red Square Parade and parades all over Russia, the accompanying public events and concerts, plus the grass roots all-Russia and global Immortal Regiment Marches... All this was prepared with a lot of thought by millions of participants. It was supposed to remind people all over the globe of the real role of the USSR/Russia, the role that is being severely distorted, in the defeat of Nazism and victory in WWII. 

It's hard to overestimate how important the Victory Day parade and the Immortal Regiment March are for Russia, post-Soviet space and hundreds of millions all over the world. In a word: there is hardly a more unifying and more anticipated day in the Russian year, except maybe New Year's. Everyone is in agreement that this is the memory that must be kept, especially now, when so many in the West are actively trying to rewrite history, attempting to turn Russia's role from one of the biggest victims and the victor, to a villain, in order to whitewash their own sins. As a latest example, read: 75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? Czechia Demolishes Monument to Russian Marshal Konev, Liberator of Auschwitz & Prague! (LADA RAY REPORT) 

In Russia especially, as in some other countries, there is no family which didn't suffer a loss as a result of Hitler/Nazi aggression. The Immortal Regiment March is when millions come together across Russia and abroad, regardless of their differences, in remembrance of their ancestors who gave their lives so we could enjoy ours. 

The May 9th event was never cancelled or postponed before, except after the breakup of the USSR, by Yeltsin.

But Putin made a responsible decision. The future date for the celebrations is being kept open, no further info available at the time of this writing on Apr 16-17. The timeline will continue shifting, due to the Earth Shift, a shift to Period 9 and due to the unpredictability of the agent of change that is COVID-19. But I am thinking (just my idea), if things more or less calm down by then, Putin may transfer the parade and the Immortal Regiment March to June 24 - the day of the 1st 1945 VICTORY PARADE ON RED SQUARE.  (The day Nazi Germany attacked the USSR on June 22, 1941.) There are also other potentials later in the year, such as the dates of victories in major WWII battles: Moscow, Stalingrad, the Kursk Arch. Worst case scenario, it could be transferred to next year's May 9th. This may actually be the most sensible scenario, giving time for everything to settle down and recover.

The rise of neo-Nazism & new history re-write


**Want to point out that all kinds of pro-Hitler neo-Nazi entities have crawled out of their dark holes, once they learned about the postponement, to mock and spread their hatred. They always crawl out before May 9, but this year they are especially active. You can find their disgusting comments on YT, under the above video, and YT is not deleting them, as they should (they say they are short-staffed). One of those entities calls himself 'hitler was right', another calls himself 'starvin marvin'. There are others, too. Their aliases speak loudly of what they are about. Unfortunately, they are getting more and more audacious. Being themselves an infestation, they spread like a virus, with the help of their buddy, COVID-19.**

The dark energy always spreads during the times of crisis. During the times of isolation, when collective consciousness of mankind takes a plunge; when panic, negativity and confusion, as well as a childish rebellion against government enforced lockdown sets in, that's when such dark elements thrive. 

It once happened in Germany and other countries. Is human memory really that short? It's so easy to dupe the people! Do humans really want a repeat of the biggest ever global tragedy? Or are they so obtuse, they cannot grasp the consequences? These are rhetorical questions, designed to wake up and make NORMAL people think. 

Those who write idiotic and hateful comments on YT, under RT's videos, or under people's blogs, are beyond help and beyond repair. Their goal, in their low-calibrated, warped minds - what's left of them - is indeed to spread hatred and fear. Such people wouldn't mind another world war, because they hate themselves, their lives and everyone around them. The problem arises when usually normal people listen to such dregs of society, or when the majority thinks it's none of their business. 

To paraphrase a well-known adage from the Hitler Germany's era: 

They first came for communists, but everyone looked the other way; then they came for the Jews, but everyone looked the other way; then they came for anyone who disagreed, but no one noticed; then they attacked Russia, but everyone cheered. And when they knocked on our door, there was no one left to defend us. 

Some, of course, are so consumed by their rebellion against authorities that they don't want to see a connection. I know history isn't taught well in Western schools, and where they do teach it, it's only a heavily distorted version of the truth. But let me remind you: it is from a childish teenage-like rebellion and irrational anger that the fascism and Nazism were born in the 1920s-30s Europe. 

On my Quantum Calibration scale it would be the combined energy of:


APATHY of those who looked the other way and refused to see the truth - 50 

GUILT - 40

SHAME - 20


The resulting cumulative outcome of these energies in Hitler's Germany was DEATH - 0


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Was a certain conspiracy theorist right?

To conclude. I was recently asked whether I believed a certain well-known conspiracy theorist was right about COVID being a hoax. I replied in the negative. Moreover, I explained exhaustively in my recent audio report, with definitive calibrations, where the virus really came from. 

Moreover, I said that a person in question provides 25% truth and the rest is fear mongering, confusion and sensationalism. There is, unfortunately, more. Perhaps it's not his intent, but it's people like him who the neo-Nazis follow and agree with. Even if in his heart he appears honest, that's where the danger of such people lies. Unless there is balance and common sense, not to mention a positive attitude of light and hope, invariably the best intentions lead to hell. (I obviously won't share the name of the person in question in this public post; those who participate in our extensive discussions here on Patreon, know who I am talking about.)



Not that the governments of certain countries, such as the US, won't try using current situation to their benefit...  They will and they are! But it won't work the way they want it to work! This I can predict with utmost certainty! Those who are bent on conspiracy theories don't want to hear this, I know. Also, some will want to see a conspiracy everywhere they go no matter what I say and no matter how illogical and implausible it may be. This comes from utter distrust of themselves and everyone around them. 

I recommend you wait and see how MY prediction comes true! 

The real truth is:

There is a bigger element of karma, destiny and EARTH SHIFT at work here! Consider this my prediction!

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QC is very definitive, being a higher-dimensional tool of the TRUTH! It's honest and direct and it's very much unlike some do: shooting blindly in all directions, hoping some shots will hit the target. This blind shooting technique especially works for some if the target is invisible and there is only that person's word to go by! 

Fortunately, Quantum Calibrations make the real truth and real intentions visible immediately. That's why it's an unsurpassed Multidimentional Knowledge Tool! 



Last but not least. I anticipated that May 9th would be postponed. But virtually, we are up and running! In the run-up to May 9th on Futurist Trendcast blog and on Lada Ray Patreon I'll be posting some good stuff dedicated to 75th anniversary of Victory! Check it out!


It's during the times like these that we get tested: who are we, and what are we really worth? I just shared on LR Patreon a story of one person of light, who's a mother of 5 awesome kids:

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During times like these, through our actions and words, we reveal to the world what each of us is truly made of. 


75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? Czechia Demolishes Monument to Russian Marshal Konev, Liberator of Auschwitz & Prague! (LADA RAY REPORT) 

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**ADDED 4/22/20

Friends, please remember that we have some excellent factual historic translations to English by Stanislav @, who just added a new and very important post, showing the real truth of the near-disastrous Prague May 10, 1945 uprising, which would have resulted in untold casualties and demolition of that unique historic city. Prague repaid its Marshal Liberator Ivan Konev by demolishing his monument just before the 75th anniversary of WWII Victory, and consequently, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Prague & Czechoslovakia. 

For my new closing thought about Russia the Great Balancer and Stanislav's new translation scroll down to near bottom of FREE REPORT: 75 Years Later, Nazism Won in Europe? Czechia Demolishes Monument to Russian Marshal Konev, Liberator of Auschwitz & Prague! (LADA RAY REPORT) 


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