IMPORTANT NOTICE NO.1 Once again Id like to thank everyone for their amazing support. You have all been a HUGE blessing. As some of you know, I started this Patreon site in order to save some money for my wedding/honeymoon funds. This past month, without notice, both my mom and mother in law surprised me with something I wasnt expecting at all: A bridal shower. Never did I dream of such a surprise, but again I had NO IDEA how much it took. In few words, i've been up and down, making appointments, doing calls and had to take in a new job in order to cover some extra expenses. Therefore I am somewhat late with your rewards. The event will be this upcoming week so I'll be packing and sending all of your rewards within another week or 2. Depending on how things go! SUMMARY: Your APRIL rewards will be delayed for another week or 2! But you'll get them! READ ABOVE FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT NOTICE NO.2 Due to the wedding date getting closer (2 months now) this will be my last Patreon month. Which means I've decided to close this account due to schedule complications (Thought I could manage a bit longer but this Bridal shower has proven me wrong). Its getting busier and busier by the minute. I had heard so much about Bridezillas and how dramatic they were and I would always laugh at them, but now I kind of get the idea. SO MANY THINGS TO DO! XD Since this page will be closing soon, I'LL BE NEEDING YOUR EMAILS in order to contact you with your rewards (which may take another week or 2) There are some other few details but that I'll write it down on a personal message to you. This same information will be copied along with a special surprise. So make sure to read carefully!!! SUMMARY: There will be a surprise for you, please check your patreon inbox. Also, THIS WILL MY MY LAST PATREON MONTH. So I will need your emails to contact you with your rewards a long with your present. This will be delivered in another week or 2. READ ABOVE FOR FURTHER EXPLANATION. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Even though I havent had time to answer past messages, notes, inboxes, emails and what not (explanation on 1st notice) I do want to thank you all for all of these amazing months! T_T you guys are the best! I will be answering all delayed messages as soon as I am able to!!! Right now I just need to get alive through the Bridal Shower with all the family friends and... new family members im about to meet... so NERVOUS. TuT