IMPORTANT: Upcoming Pledge Level Changes
Hi friends!

If you've been a Patron of mine for a while, you'll know that I occasionally shift and change the pledge levels/rewards to fit my needs and the projects I'm currently working on. Starting with the new year, for January, things will be a little different for everyone at $5 or more!

The main change is that I will be discontinuing the postcards. This month will be the last time I send them (unless it becomes a thing again down the road). They served a good purpose for a while, but they are fairly costly, and now with the release of Most Vegetables, some new options have appeared.

Here is how the new pledge levels will go starting in January:

  • $1 - stays the same! You still get all the bonus content, sneak peeks, and early comic pages that you've been getting.
  • $2 - stays the same! All of the above + the monthly group Tarot reading.
  • $5 - Instead of a postcard each month, $5 pledges will receive all of the above plus a high-res PDF download of that month's Most Vegetables Come in Purple issue. Yours to keep and you get to read the whole issue at once! You'll also be like, a month ahead of the other patrons and like 2 months ahead of the public website. Back issues will be available to keep you on track! 
  • $10 - Instead of a monthly download, $10 patrons will receive all of the above plus a physical copy of the month's Most Vegetables issue in the mail! Yay!! Collect them all!! To keep things on track, January's $10 Patrons will receive Issues 1-3. After that it'll just be the current issue that gets sent out, so this is a special opportunity.
  • $25/30 - stays the same! All of the above (including the physical copy of Most Vegetables) + a small ink or pencil commission shipped to you.

I've felt for a while that having the $5 level be physical mail and the $10 level be a download was kind of backwards, and now this new comic has provided me the opportunity to restructure it in a way I think makes sense.  Always learning and growing when it comes to this business stuff.

SO, if you feel prompted to change your pledge level, now is the time! Do it before January 1st in order to get the new level you desire. Even if you go down, or cancel, I understand and I value the support you've given to me so so much <3.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support! I hope the work I do continues to entertain and delight you <3