Important: Reward Updates
Hello everyone!

Now that Nightmare Nights is finished, we took some time to reorganize our Patreon since we decided to get rid of the monthly raffle and digital artwork since Brian couldn't keep up with it. 

We did add some exciting things in their place that will be more manageable for us and more beneficial for you!

For all tiers $20 or above, you will now receive $5 off every shadowbox you purchase from us at a convention. Just mention you are a Patreon and we will give you $5 off EVERY SHADOWBOX you get!

We have also allowed the $20 tier and above have access to purchase a limited number of convention exclusive shadowboxes!

The new $20 tier will be guaranteed 1 8x10 shadowbox and either a 12x12 or 11x14 shadowbox a year which may include the Patreon exclusive designs or a box from Etsy (up to $100 in value).

The new $25 tier will get all the perks mention above, plus they will receive an extra 11x14 or 12x12 shadowbox (giving them a grand total of 3 boxes a year!) In addition, they will also receive free admission into our shadowbox building workshop if registered early!

Updates to the $50 tier include the $5 off every shadowbox purchased at a con, free admission into our shadowbox workshops AND they have the ability to purchase a convention exclusive up to one month after the convention. No limited amounts for them! You can even use one of your shadowbox you get for the year!

The $100 tier gets access to all the new perks mentioned above, meaning they get $5 off every shadowbox purchased at conventions, free admission to our shadowbox workshop and may purchase (or use one of their shadowboxes they receive during the year) to get convention exclusives!

We hope that you like these new changes as much as we do and we look forward to seeing how they work out!

Also, we will be doing our request livestream tomorrow at 7 PM EST! The theme is Halloween ponies so make sure to request your favorite pony dressed up as something fun!