IMPORTANT: Tier Changes!
Hey, everybody! I've got an important announcement, so please don't skip this post!

As you probably already know, I've totally failed to find time for The Junk Hyenas Diner, The Legend of Buwaro: Soprano of Time, and my 151 Pokemon challenge in the last few months-- er, years? I thought that my rearranging my schedule I'd be able to fit them in, but even though I've gotten close... I end up getting too tired physically and mentally to work on them anyway. Turns out I'm only human, and I've found my limit! If I push myself any harder, it's only going to affect my life in a negative way.

I really want to work on those other projects badly, and I know there are a lot of folks besides me who miss them too. So I've decided to rearrange my priorities and change my patron tiers.

$2 Tier Changes: Patron-exclusive streams!

I already stream at least once a month to the public, but I'm going to experiment with doing private streams that are only accesible if you're a $2+ patron! Being a premium Picarto member allows me to set my stream so only people who have a unique link will be able to see the stream. Plus, I'll still do raffles during this stream, meaning that your chances of winning a free drawing will increase with fewer people in the chat!

Here's a link to my Picarto account if you didn't already know what I was talking about: 

Also, there will be no more Art Wednesdays!

...At least for a while. I started Art Wednesdays mostly to get myself to draw Slightly Damned characters in a wider variety of situations than just in the main comic. And I met my goal! It has been FANTASTIC practice, and I think doing weekly illustrations helped my skills improve a ton. Three years of weekly drawings is nothing to sneeze at, and I'm proud of the work I did.

I would love to get back into doing Art Wednesdays or something similar, but for now I'm going to give it a break. As such, I'm no longer going to be taking suggestions from patrons for them. Hopefully I'll be able to use my time to draw more gifts for friends and fanart! Or maybe just to rest. We'll see!

$5 Tier Changes: More Sketches, Wallpaper Suggestions!

$5+ patrons will also be able to suggest what topics they want the monthly wallpapers to be (since everyone gets to see what they are, but only $10+ patons can get the larger versions). At least one of them HAS to be Slightly Damned themed, but I'll also allow the second one to be Junk Hyenas themed. Or maybe something else! We'll see!

$10 Tier Changes: Two Wallpapers a Month + More Comics!

To make the wallpaper tier more enticing to patrons, I've reduced how much it costs to get access to them. There will also be two wallpapers a month rather than just one!

Also, since I'm freeing up more time to work on more comics, you bet that you're going to be able to get sneak peeks at those, too. I can't guarantee anything yet, but I'm going to want to share more than just advanced Slightly Damned pages with you!

$40-60+ Tier Changes: No more Patreon commissions!

Believe me, I actually really like doing commissions. They're good practice, they get me to draw a variety of things, and everyone's been great to work with! But after doing them regularly for a few years, I just want to spend my time working on something else for awhile. Not only do I want to open up the possibility to allow other people to commission me, but I also want more time to draw things for myself. I really, really appreciate the support I've gotten, and I'll probably reopen the commission tiers again in the future. I just need to switch gears... temporarily!

I'm also going to allow some special exceptions for some patrons, because I've already agreed to do a sequence of work for them before I decided to change things. My problem wasn't doing commissions for people, but rather the number I had to do each month. But I'll work those details out privately with the people who pledged to those tiers!

"But Chu, doesn't this mean you're going to making a lot less money?"

Yes, that is very likely to happen. I'm willing to take that risk, however, to see where it leads me. Not being able to work on my other projects is really bugging me, and besides that, I'm feeling overworked! I would rather give up some extra money in order to make my life a bit easier to deal with.

Of course, I reserve the right to go back to the way things were in case I do need the extra money. You never know what emergency is right around the corner. If I do need more cash, I think my first course of action will be to take on some more public commissions rather than return my Patreon to the way it was.

Still, I hope that you'll continue to support me as I experiment with shifting around my priorities! The only way that I'm able to make as much art as I do is through the financial stability that you patrons afford me. I'm very thankful for your generosity! For the sake of my well-being and career, though, I think it's best in the long run if I switch things up a bit. My goal is not to significantly reduce the number of things I do-- rather, it's to change what those things are.

Phew! This post is a lot longer than I thought it was going to be, but I've tried to be as transparent as possible. Here's a summary:

THE REWARD TIERS HAVE CHANGED!  There are no more tiers above $10! Please take the time to review what each tier has to offer so you're not confused come April.

With these changes, I hope that I will be about to make more Junk Hyenas, more fanart, more merchandise designs, and the long-awaited conclusion to Soprano of Time. (As well as make a few personal quality of life changes.)

Thank you for your patience and support! I'm looking forward to what the future brings, and I hope you are too!