Important Tier Changes and Updates
Hello! I hope January has seen you well! This February we have some rather large changes to several of the tiers that we would like to call attention to. 

The first, is that due to conflicts between Steph’s streaming software and our streaming platform, we are ditching Picarto. While it had worked fine for us in the past, this is no longer the case and we feel it’s hinderance has become a burden to the things we want to share and how we want to engage with our audience. The big bonus to using Picarto, is that it allowed for private streaming sessions. We will be moving, instead, to, but in doing so, that means our streams will no longer be private. While weighing our ability to have private streaming with Steph’s ability to do any streaming at all, our decision came down pretty easily on the side of “stream at all”. What this means is that private streams have been removed from all tiers that have them, with the exception of the Black Eye Drip Feed, which is still open to one on one private screen-sharing using other tools. 

The good news, aside from getting to stream and stream more often again, is that they will not be replaced with nothing. Over the past month we have decided not to wait until we reach our safe goal to add The Demon Road to our patreon. Over the next month, Steph will be dismantling her Demon Road patreon page and as of February 6th, The Demon Road updates will be available to all TFO patrons, continuing her Tuesday updates schedule. All future art for her Demon Road comic will also be available to TFO, including covers, illustrations and wallpapers. Past Demon Road patron exclusive art will remain so to the former backers of that patreon (with the exception of the comic itself). Demon Road and all other comic project updates will be available to the $5 Cafe Tier and up! Chapters 1 through 3 will be available for download.

In addition to adding Demon Road to our TFO patreon stable, for the $10 Con Panna Tier, we will be adding stream recordings to the roster of video resources. All streams, no matter how small, will be available to Con Panna Tier contributors, whether they where available to watch the stream live or not.  

Steph has been feeling quite a bit better, and though she will still need to contribute time to making up bills, it should not in any way impede on her ability to work.

That is all for our updates going into this month! We hope that this is good news to everyone and look forward to February!